Introducing Adrean J. Rudie – Author of a new book coming soon- 2020

Author of a new book coming out…                                                                          6/2015

I thought I would share with you something new I’m planning to do to help the mortgage industry as a whole and especially my clients. I’ve done some research and there are not a lot of books on the mortgage process itself. There’s a lot on real estate itself, and there are some on credit, however there isn’t a simple book that goes through the start to finish process of the mortgage loan. There been a lot of changes and there will continue to be a lot of changes in the industry as time goes on. My goal in writing this is to sort out the team players so you know who is who such as Realtors, appraisers, title companies, escrow companies etc. I also plan to give a description on each one of them so that you understand where they sit in the timeline while doing your loan. Some of you in recent years have given me some wonderful ideas and it’s about time I put it on a book. Part of it too, is so that I’m not repeating myself over and over with the same things that everyone asks. I’ve done some outlining of this procedure with a rough draft of a couple parts of it with some of my clients recently and it’s really helped. I’m looking forward to helping you and working with you so the first post will be a blurb on the credit side of things and what people don’t always know is affecting their credit score. Stay tuned for that one, it will be a different post. I plan to draft a chapter on each of these services within the loan process along with the timeline and overview to try to help assist people and what means what and what to expect when. It’s been a blessing being a lender and realtor this last several years so I can see both sides of the coin and often it’s much easier just having one person to work with for all of it.

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