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Readers are raving about The Mortgage Loan Process book.

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“…The mortgage loan process: …. the author does a fantastic job of making this simple, clear, thorough, effective and uses humor to keep the content in the proper light…”

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“…I want to start this by saying I work for a mortgage servicer, so I do have more knowledge than a first time home buyer. I thought this book was great at using humor and explaining the basic parts of the mortgage process. I enjoyed re-learning each basic part and did learn a few new things!”

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“…One of the more frustrating and sometimes perplexing financial experiences is applying for a mortgage loan. It is often a painful rite of passage for many homeowners and a typically unpleasant chore for those who wish to refinance their mortgages. While Rudie’s debut can’t promise to make getting a mortgage loan any easier, it does the next best thing: It thoroughly explains the process so an applicant can be forearmed with authoritative information as well as expert guidance…”

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As I’m preparing to purchase a home I found this full of information and lots of interesting tidbits, I will keep as reference and highly recommend.

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“…I wished that I had known about this book earlier because Adrean divulged several facets of understanding the lending process which helped me to appreciate the various moving parts more. This book is based upon her experience in the real estate and lending industry, and seeing things from an inside-out perspective is critical for the consumer. It was interesting to read some of the stories and recommendations from over ten of Adrean’s clientele in telling about their journey and the part that she’s played. This book is highly recommended and will help you to minimize your learning curve and experience in navigating through the mortgage loan process, whether you’re buying or refinancing...”

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