Are you a real estate agent or broker who would like to have all the answers on the mortgage loan side as well? Pick up a copy of “The Mortgage Loan Process” by Adrean J Rudie. You will learn A to Z about the home loan industry. Use it as your study guide and daily checklist.

This learning tool for real estate agents and brokers about the mortgage loan industry is a must-have.

Whether you are just getting started on your real agent license or are a veteran broker, this will guide you. Everyone will appreciate the deep details and mysteries of the mortgage loan process, finally solved! Sort of like seeing behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. There are funny stories to drive the point home.


  • The details of how the mortgage industry works.
  • The process is in chronological order.
  • The process that a loan file takes.
  • It will open your eyes and help you set your expectations and those of your clients.
  • The more you know, the more you can help them prepare.
  • The hurry-up-and-wait part of the process is grueling and stressful. 
  • The redundant, asking again for the same things over and over, is maddening.
  • Additional explanation of construction, rehab HELOC loans, etc.
  • When you get your real estate sales license, you do not get trained on how to be a real estate agent.
  • You also do not get trained on what the mortgage loan process completely entails.
  • There are a lot of pitfalls awaiting you and your client. (I wish I had this book when I was new!)

Veteran Agents & Brokers:

Veteran agents will get a huge kick out of the absurd and comical stories that happen in our industry. Many of you will relate and also get some real insight. I show you the answers behind the madness and redundancy. This learning tool for real estate agents and brokers about the mortgage loan industry is a must-have.

It would be a great idea to have this book as a guide in hard copy so that you can make notes in it and highlight it for your normal work day. You can order your copy here: Where to Buy the Book – The Mortgage Loan Process %  

What about Clients?

Feel free to prescribe it to your client says well, As I am focusing more on selling books versus being in the field these days. They will be able to refer to it instead of contacting you all the time. Huge stress reducer. Especially if they have questions at 1:00 a.m.

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Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or ideas. I wrote the book to help our industry and make things go As smoothly and in a changing difficult industry as possible.

Special thanks to Sami Chohfi and Blue Helix – Antisocial Butterfly, Anoyne

What does 30 years in an industry look like?

Play the video below and find out.

February 2021 marks my 30-year anniversary in the finance industry! What does 30 years look like? A book! Take a fun journey with me back across my history in the finance industry through business cards and photos you may recognize, including ’90s hair! Dreams come true along the way. I wrote the book to help both consumers and colleagues by bringing a dry topic to life with humor, stories, and education about “The Mortgage Loan Process”. Enjoy and thank you for sharing. Available now through most retailers in both eBook and Print.