Client Success Story – The power of multiple licenses!

Client success story – Example of the power of being able to offer you all of these services…

I’m excited to be able to offer you more services including insurance and securities in the upcoming months. I already saved a real estate sale by knowing I could help my clients get an annuity that would help him qualify for a home purchase in a retirement community co-op. I knew his financial situation and by reallocating funds into an income annuity I was able to help him more than qualify. Otherwise he would not have qualified and would have lost at home he was looking forward to. I’m not sure if I know myself the power of all the knowledge I possess. Normally you would go to all these different people in all these different fields to be able to get your answers. You’d have to relay and repeat your story over and over to these individuals to get the help you needed. Instead, I possess the knowledge of all 4. I find it amazing that these services are not all offered by the same person or entity more often because these things are all tied together. That’s why my goal is to offer you full service financial, meaning everything that you could just about need… I can help you with. I also can definitely help you with all of the major services. Anything I cannot do myself, I have excellent referral sources for such as; CPAs, attorneys, auto insurance, home insurance etc. Thank you for your loyalty and your patience with me over the last two years while I started a new family and added these two major services to my tool belt to help you. I’m really looking forward to how all these things will dovetail together to help bless you and me in the years to come. Thank you as always for your continued support and referrals. You are a treasure to me and I am grateful to have you in my life.

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