September…added 2 new services…. and free advertising in digital directory

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                          September 2015

I hope you are enjoying the extra warm summer months. Now that school has or is starting soon, you’ll find yourself ready to take a breather right before the holiday season starts. It’s always something! My 18 month old daughter Amanda and I took a road trip from Southern California where we now live, up through Oregon to see friends and family, then on up to the Seattle Washington area to see my side of the family, and many of my friends, clients, colleges.

I thought to share with you the added services that I now offer: Life & Disability Insurance and investment planning/advising. I’ll be sending more information out on this as I roll out the new side to my business. Be watching your email for more info…

Now you have one person that offers 4 fields of service:

  1. Mortgage Lending
  2. Real Estate
  3. Life & Disability Insurance
  4. Investment/ Retirement Planning.

That’s 4 filters that I possess, to put you and your family in the best possible situation for long term success. I’m not just any one of these…but I have all 4 professional licenses. In addition, I have a team of professional, highly educated people that I work with, to ensure my counsel is the absolute best for your needs. I don’t know of anyone who holds all 4 of these specific licenses in these fields.

I have something else you’ll find useful, either for yourself or your welcome to pass on. I decided to post the outline of my upcoming book, “The Mortgage Loan Process” for your review. I already posted the 3rd chapter about credit and did so first because that’s the most popular subject. I’ll be posting a new chapter every couple of months, so be watching. I look forward to your feedback. My goal with it is to give you the honest view, with a slightly humorous tone, of the overall process. My 25 years has given me some great content. You may even recognize some of the stories, so enjoy!

Last but not least, I wanted to remind you to check the digital directory for your area. I offer free advertising and referrals for good clients of mine who have local businesses. I also check yelp scores and do my best to ensure they are good quality people you can trust. Feel free to reach out to me if you also have job needs. I have a network of folks up and down the west coast that offer staffing and job placement. I do my best to give back to the communities that have given me so much. Thank you for your referrals and continued support.

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