Introducing Rudie Realty ~ An Independent Broker- Serving CA & WA

Just a quick note to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day and remind everyone that I’m a lender under American Capital Corporation and real estate broker for both Washington and California under my own company “Rudie Realty” an independent broker. I left my Birkshire Hathaway Newport Beach office last year to do so but want to also send a shout out to my co-workers there. Miss you and see you in the field!March starts the madness of new homes going on the market for the spring selling season so if you want to get started…I’m ready! If you’re buying, lets get that loan approval done and ready so you don’t miss out on good deals. I’m as close as your cell phone or lap top and….I return calls at all hours.  unlike most. Looking forward to hearing from you!I decided to return to the quarterly newsletter so it will be ariving in sevral lucky email boxes this year. It also advertises local businesses with good reputations that are also my clients so feel free to look through the directory if you’re in need of a servce provider or want to be added to the list. Its ongoing and I have more to add. Again Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Enjoy!…………………………………………………….

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