Mortgage = confusing and overwhelming!

The Mortgage Loan Process by Adrean J Rudie – Book Trailer for Consumers 2023

The Mortgage Loan Process … brutal and boring. Buying or refinancing? You can pick up this book and find answers to your questions. And, at any point in the process, at any time, without the need to contact your current real estate agent or lender! In fact, please share the book with them for their other clients!

This trusted guide explains everything, in chronological order, in terms you can understand, in detail, and all the way through the entire loan process! This book was written to help consumers through the confusing often overwhelming journey! It compiles over 30 years of experience along with humor and real-life stories of situations.

Now available in eBook & Print! Let Alexa or Siri read it to you!

Through various retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Ingram, Bookbaby, and Amazon. Where to Buy the Book – The Mortgage Loan Process %

Enjoy! My gift to you!

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