Christmas gift ideas – Book about the entire Mortgage Loan Process – Purchase or refinances, all of it explained with humor.

Looking for a great Christmas gift idea? What about the dream of home ownership and a deep explanation of how to do it? Prepare the one you love for the realities of the home mortgage loan process. Available in both e-book and print. However, I would get the printed copy so they can make notes and highlight it. No matter what time of season, the book will be there to help you or your loved one understand the cumbersome process. 

The Process :

The process of getting a home mortgage loan is incredibly overwhelming. I have been in the financial industry for 32 years, and I’ve never seen a book that gives it to people straight. That is why I decided to clearly detail the entire grueling process one step at a time but with humor.

You have to laugh sometimes otherwise you will scream. There are so many redundancies built into the industry. When you read through the book and the stories, you will see why these things happen. You will also get an inside look behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz!

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Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or ideas. I wrote the book to help our industry and make things go As smoothly and in a changing difficult industry as possible.

Why I wrote this book:

I designed the book to clearly go through each step in the entirety in great detail with examples. A major reason I decided to do this was for my own benefit so I could direct people to exact chapters and pages through the process as we were going through it, so I could save my voice. People have the same questions and it’s understandable. The answers are usually the same with a little bit of a spin sometimes. 

Anyone should be able to pick this book up at any point in the process and be. Able to follow along and have answers to what they are concerned about.

Word to the wise:

Even if you don’t plan to buy or refinance soon, this is a timeless classic book that will give you the rundown on what to expect with your loan application. There will be newer editions following, that will have updates. It’s built as a reference book to keep on hand for when you do need it.

Available at your favorite retailers when you order online:

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My gift to you. Enjoy~

Special thanks to Sami Chohfi and Blue Helix – Antisocial Butterfly – Anodyne

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